SimilarWeb expands mobile app insight service to measure reach, engagement and retention

Andy Boxall

In news

January 28, 2015


Mobile app market research company SimilarWeb has announced a new mobile-focused insight feature, designed to measure reach, engagement, and retention for mobile apps. It bolsters SimilarWeb’s existing mobile data products, which measure app discovery and visibility, that were first introduced last September.

Ariel Rosenstein, senior director of corporate marketing at SimilarWeb, said:


 “Our mission is to measure the digital world, so just as we have done for upstream and downstream website traffic so must we do for mobile apps. Now we’ve turned our focus to what happens to apps after they are installed to give the most complete picture possible of our digital world.”

To show its new insights at work, SimilarWeb has released a chart showing usage rankings for the top 100 free Android apps available through the Google Play store. The data focuses on America and is based on the highest amount of active users, not download volume, during December 2014. Topping the chart is Facebook, followed by the Chrome web browser, the Google search app, and then Instagram in fourth position.

SimilarWeb’s usage rankings (click to enlarge)


According to SimilarWeb’s stats, the YouTube app, Snapchat, and WhatsApp closely follow. The number one app in Google Play is Trivia Crack, but SimilarWeb puts the app in 24th based on usage, rather than Play’s download volume measurement.

Anyone interested in registering for SimilarWeb’s market insights can do so on the site here.