Tutela expands mobile app developer partner programme with $1.2 million recruitment drive

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising Blog. January 10, 2017


Mobile data firm, Tutela, has now officially launched a $1.2m recruitment drive in order to get new mobile app developers to sign up to its partner programme. The specific focus of the programme is on the UK and Western Europe.

Tutela is looking to sign agreements with mobile app publishers that have at least one million daily active users. Right now, it works with 100+ app developers having over a billion in combined users. The goal of the recruitment drive is to double its app partners by the end of the first quarter 2017.

With new partners typically seeing $1m to $4m in additional revenue within the first two years of signing up, Tutela stands a good chance of reaching interested parties.
The company’s SDK monetises mobile network quality data by embedding it into mobile companies’ apps. The software runs in the background to collect anonymous coverage and mobile network quality data. Tutela then sells these reports to mobile telecoms companies and shares the revenue with the app publishers.
Tom Luke, VP Sales and Marketing at Tutela explains that mobile coverage and data collection is a huge industry. He calls the company’s model Anonymous Data Monetisation (ADM).
tom luke

“The data we collect doesn’t affect the user or device, but it helps mobile telecoms companies quickly understand and improve networks for their users. They pay us for the data and we share the revenue with the mobile app publishers, so it’s a win-win-win for the mobile companies, the app publishers and the users.”

However, the firm does not collect any personal information or unique device data, which makes it stand out among competitors. Indeed, device owner privacy is fully ensured and Tutela remains compliant with data protection and privacy laws like the EU Data Protection Directive and COPPA.
Burc Sade, CEO of Didilabs, a Tutela partner and creator of the popular mobile app Kaave, adds:
burc sade

“We deployed Tutela across two of our games and saw early returns. We really like the idea that we can earn more revenue without affecting the user – and improve the world’s mobile Internet at the same time.”