Snapchat redesign: advertisers and publishers are concerned

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. April 13, 2018

Following the Snapchat redesign and update, the app faced a lot of backlash from users. Some of that backlash even resulted in a significant drop in valuation. However, for marketing executives and ad managers, the redesign has had entirely different consequences.
Snap basically decided to separate the content of Snapchat users from that of publishers and celebrities.
According to Select All, the NYMag tech and social media news section, media sources have reported slowing traffic across the app, with numbers significantly lower than before the redesign.
One source admitted that views had dropped over 50%.
Another source added: “All of our numbers just went haywire. Our unique views skyrocketed, but time-spent numbers sank.”
However, it appears the change hasn’t been all doom and gloom. For some advertisers, the fluctuation in numbers is merely a natural by-product of such a dramatic redesign.
Snap Inc layoffs appear to be a far greater issue for many people Select All spoke to as they cut valuable contacts for some publishers. One source revealed that all their Discover contacts had been let go. As such, they were not receiving any feedback on ad performance.
Snap is trying to remedy the situation by meeting with publishers and advertisers as part of summits and find a meaningful solution over the coming months.
In addition, the company appears to working on a new version of its Spectacle glasses. Going by a recent FCC filing, the ‘Model 002’ has been described as a ‘wearable video camera’ and could be launched shortly. It’s not entirely clear if the new glasses will include artificial intelligence (AI), but the feature could seriously boost sales.