Sharethrough partners with StrikeAd by Sizmek for improved mobile app and web placements and audience reach

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. February 8, 2017


Source Sharethrough

Advertising Supply Side Platform (SSP), Sharethrough, just announced a programmatic native ad integration with StrikeAd by Sizmek, the mobile programmatic solutions provider.
In addition to accessing StrikeAd’s DSP, traders and media buyers will now also be able to tap into audiences with in-feed placements on mobile apps as well as sites through the Sharethrough Exchange.
By combining their strengths, StrikeAd is able to offer customisation through its mobile API and Sharethrough lends support with its network of publishers.
The integrations are running to IAB OpenRTB 2.3 spec, which sets the standard for real-time trading of native ads.
It is now live for mobile native display buyers. Additional formats, such as native video will be coming soon.
Alex White, VP, Product Marketing at Sharethrough, says:

“At Sharethrough, we see integrations like this as crucial to sustaining the momentum the industry has around native, both validating native’s growth and providing further market liquidity to fuel the ecosystem. StrikeAd implicitly understands the personal, intimate interface of a customer’s mobile device and gives buyers the ability to execute great mobile campaigns at scale.”

StrikeAd clients include some of the top brands and media buyers globally for a more dynamic mobile ad inventory. As part of the DSP, StrikeAd offers mobile targeting in-context as well as brand safety, trafficking and cost tracking, Dynamic Creative Optimisation as well as third-party data integrations.

Gil Rachlin, VP, Products and Engineering at Sizmek, adds:

“With StrikeAd’s global exposure, we see tremendous value in expanding our supply side integrations, especially around native formats for mobile devices, which have shown and will continue to show high engagement rates and return on ad spend. Sharethrough provides the premium inventory at scale that StrikeAd’s clients demand as part of the increasing portion of mobile strategies in their media plans that require more sophisticated optimization.”

During 2016, Sharethrough reported gross spending of $140 million, doubling its native ad buying through the platform.
The native advertising market is forecast to increase by over $4 billion this year, surpassing $20 billion, according to Business Insider Intelligence. The Sharethrough Exchange says it transacts around 4.5 billion impressions each month, with over three-quarters on mobile devices. Premium publishers on the exchange include Time Inc., Turner Digital, Wenner Media as well as ABC News, Under Armour and Rotten Tomatoes.