Be Part of Mobidea’s Sweepstakes Disco Contest and Win $3,000

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Posted: August 22, 2017

Mobidea has created a brand-new contest for all its affiliates.
The Sweepstakes Disco Contest will reward users who manage to earn a considerable amount of money with sweepstakes offers on the popular affiliate network.
This contest starts on August 21st and it will end on September 21st.
Affiliates who participate can earn up to $3000.
The winner will earn 10% extra Revenue Share, up to $2500.
There will also be a randomly selected winner who will earn 10% extra Revenue Share, up to $500.
Affiliates can apply using this link.
Users must state their Mobidea email address and the nickname they’d like to be known by.
The affiliate who manages to generate more revenue on Sweepstakes offers during the contest will be announced as the winner on September 22nd.
This master will get 10% extra revenue share credit on their account.
That amount will be calculated based on revenues generated on Sweepstakes offers during the month of October, and up to $2.500. Terms & Conditions apply.
As for the randomly-selected winner, they can actually be any contestant who’s able to generate more than $500 on Sweepstakes offers throughout the duration of the contest.
This specific winner will be announced on September 22nd.
The lucky prize winner will earn 10% extra Revenue Share credit on his/her account.
This amount will be calculated based on revenues generated during October, and up to $500. Terms & Conditions apply.
Check the official announcement here!

Terms & Conditions

  • From the moment the affiliate applies, revenues will be effectively counted as criteria to qualify.
  • It’s one prize per each affiliate account. This means the same affiliate won’t be able to earn more than one prize.
  • Only those affiliates who generate at least $500 in revenues while promoting Sweepstakes offers will be eligible for this contest.
  • Users must read and accept Mobidea’s Terms and Conditions.
  • All decisions regarding an affiliate’s potential eligibility to get the performance bonus will be made by Mobidea.
  • This prize will be received as credit on the winner’s Mobidea account. The prize will be transferred on the first week of the month of November.
  • The jury will only consider campaign-earned revenues. This means affiliate referral commissions and other such bonuses and incentives are obviously excluded in the calculation of the $500 of minimum revenue that users will need to be eligible for this particular contest.
  • Non-approved affiliates, CPA networks, ad networks and affiliate networks are not eligible.
  • The winner will receive the prize amount on their account, and the money will be sent taking the user’s preferred currency into account. The latter will be calculated based on the specific exchange rate of the day.
  • Affiliates have to provide the email they use when signing into Mobidea upon applying to this contest.
  • The randomly-selected “Lucky Star” prize draw will be held on September 22nd, 2017 via
  • The “Disco King” will be announced on September 22nd, 2017.
  • Winners will be announced on Mobidea’s News page, Forum contest threads, Mobidea’s Social Media pages, and via email between the 22nd and 26th of September 2017.
  • Send an email to in case you have any questions regarding this Mobidea contest.