Apple promotes app subscriptions in new developer video

Andy Boxall

In App Business, App Development. September 12, 2018

Apple is promoting subscription models on its developer website in a new video. Developers behind apps like Bumble, Calm, and Dropbox to speak about the value of shifting away from a one-off charge, or in-app purchases.

In the video, the teams talks about how they use subscription models, the way it enhances user growth and retention, and how users benefit from the various different offers. The focus here is on value for users, and how the revenue funds further development of the app.

Dropbox’s Ly Nguyen says subscriptions:

“Provide a way for your users to get to know what your product is, and then building their belief in the value of the services that you’re giving them, such as they actually want to subscribe.”

Elevate’s Jesse Germinario says:

“The value for a user is that you’re not just buying this one thing at this one point in time, you’re buying something that’s evolving and something that’s growing.”

The video links back to Apple’s Offering Subscriptions developer page, where developers are reminded that unlike the rest of the App Store, revenue payback is 70% for the first year, but 85% for the second and onwards.