Interview with flirtyQWERTY Emoji App Developer

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Posted: June 14, 2016

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The mobile dating market is booming. The multi-billion dollar market purports to combine both “data” and “science” to find you that perfect love match.

According to a recent study by Berkeley University, one in ten Americans has used a dating site or mobile app, and 23 percent have met a spouse or long-term partner through digital methods.

Without a doubt, dating in 2016 has become an art form. One new company is helping men and women with new mobile flirting techniques and methods for enhancing your love life.

Amy Galland is the Founder & CEO of flirtyQWERTY, a keyboard app with which you can send flirty emoji’s from your phone. She has also created Plum, a private messaging app designed for flirting.

The company was launched in September 2015 and the idea for flirtyQWERTY came to Amy Galland when she was looking for more female-centric emojis, but found that there weren’t many that catered to women, particularly around ‘sexting’ (something research shows roughly 70% of people do).

flirtyQWERTY has hundreds of sophisticated, flirty emojis and memes that are accessible from your keyboard. Sexier images are available for purchase within the app, and you can decide if you want to use them in the app or from your keyboard.

And if you want to keep your fun-side private, you can use all of flirtyQWERTY images from the password-protected app. The app uses push notifications to alert their users when you receive a new message or to announce new app features.

Amy Galland has a PhD in Art History, and as such thinks about culture, society and imagery and the impact of this beyond just implementing new technologies.

Watch and learn about Galland’s vision for the future of dating apps and learn more about flirtyQWERTY and Plum the private messaging app.

Interview with Amy Galland, creator of flirtyQWERTY app

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