MyAppBuilder introduces cloud-based, cross-platform shopping cart app

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MyAppBuilder already has a variety of tools to help companies create their own cross platform apps, and now it has introduced a new one called The Shopping Cart. The title’s relatively self-explanatory — it provides a cloud-based, off-the-shelf in-app shopping cart that will operate on iOS or Android mobile devices, or through an HTML5 web app.

MyShoppingCart app works across iOS, Android, and HTML5 web apps


Without customizing the app, it comes complete with a credit card processing system from, the option to tailor shipping methods, a customer service system, and the chance to add different product categories. Developers won’t need to configure SSL certificates, or worry the shopping cart won’t work in the same way across different operating systems.

Other features include custom pricing options — where a different size garment requires a different price to other sizes, for example. While there’s no need to delve into the code, developers keen to customize The Shopping Cart can download the open source code, ready to completely tailor the end product to their own specifications. The Shopping Cart API ensures it can be integrated into existing apps.

Roger Lichfield, MyAppBuilder’s CEO, said:


“We have made the shopping cart very easy to use and the shop owner can have a cross-platform app ready in minutes. Our goal with The Shopping Cart app is to make mobile commerce as easy as stocking products on a shelf.”

Developers interested in trying out The Shopping Cart can find the iOS app here, and the Android app here. The source code is available on MyApp Builder’s website.