Mobilewalla and the XL network launch programmatic ad buying platform in Indonesia

Andy Boxall

In Mobile Advertising

February 19, 2015

Mobilewalla, the programmatic ad buying platform, has signed a deal with Indonesian mobile network XL to launch a joint programmatic media buying platform aimed at brands and media agencies in Indonesia.
Mobilewalla’s contribution is its programmatic platform, which will enable brands – regardless of their size – to run mobile ad campaigns enhanced by location-based features, such as geo-fencing. XL is Indonesia’s second largest mobile operator, and in addition to offering GSM mobile coverage, it also operates as an ISP for private and corporate customers.
Anindya Datta, CEO of Mobilewalla, said:

“We are honored to partner with an innovative company like XL. Indonesia is one of the largest mobile markets in the world, with rapidly growing smartphone penetration. This platform will enable advertisers, both large and small, to plan and execute mobile marketing campaigns guaranteed to reach exactly who they want, where they want. Our results of driving 9x higher return on media investments than others in this space has been recognized by XL.”

Dian Siswarini, deputy CEO at XL, also commented:

“In our efforts to find the best media platform partner, we found Mobilewalla to be the technologically most advanced provider, offering a product unmatched in the marketplace. With Mobilewalla’s superior product and XL’s massive reach into the Indonesian brand market, we feel this partnership will revolutionize the mobile marketing ecosystem in Indonesia.”

Research states Indonesia will have around 52 million active monthly smartphone users in 2015, a figure expected to rise to 103 million in 2018, potentially putting it in fourth position globally.