Microsoft promotes Windows 10 support in Unity 5.2

Andy Boxall

In App Development

September 29, 2015

Microsoft logo

Microsoft is making a point to highlight how easy it is to use the Unity game development platform to produce games for Windows 10. The push follows the release of Unity 5.2, which includes support for Windows 10, and for the Universal Windows Platform.

For developers, this means it’s possible to build games that are suitable for a range of Microsoft products, including Windows 10 smartphones and computers, and the Xbox games console.

Unity 5.2 also brought a selection of other services with its release. These include Unity Ads, to help boost revenue from mobile games, and Unity Cloud Build. This works well with UWP, as it automatically creates app versions for multiple platforms, and decreases the amount of time it takes to build apps.

Support for Microsoft’s UWP is part of Unity 5.2

unity 5.2


Microsoft discussed how developers could use Unity to make Windows games during the last Build conference, and has since put the session up online. Finally, Visual Studio is the default script editor for Unity, ensuring the process is familiar to long-time Microsoft and Visual Studio users.

Check out Unity 5.2’s release notes here for more details, and visit its company profile here for more information.