It’s a free, open-source future for Corona SDK following acquisition by Appodeal

appodeal corona

Mobile advertising company Appodeal has acquired development platform Corona Labs, but hasn’t released the financial details of the deal. Corona Labs produces the Corona SDK, a framework used to create 2D games for various mobile platforms, using the Lua language.

Once the deal has been completed, the Enterprise version of the Corona SDK will be made available for free, alongside other existing versions. Additionally, Appodeal will convert the Corona SDK into an open-source platform, with the first components set to be open-sourced when the deal goes through. Despite the new ownership, Appodeal won’t be a prerequisite for Corona developers, and all monetization plug-ins will remain.

In a blog post announcing the acquisition, Corona Labs Roj Niyogi says:

“In addition to a natural fit around building easily and monetizing easily, there’s a shared appreciation around the role Corona plays in the indie developer ecosystem. While many ad networks tend to court developers that already have large audiences, Appodeal recognizes that it’s the smaller developers who make up the vast majority of the ecosystem and that nurturing the relationship with these developers will only promote the possibilities of growth and success.”

Corona Labs says little will change for developers, and promises the next major release will come in the near future, and plugins will receive updates as normal. The platform has been used to create more than 10,000 games in the App Store and Google Play already.