Egnyte releases updated enterprise mobile suite to add support for wearables

Anne Freier

In app-analytics

June 2, 2015


Enterprise file sharing company Egnyte announced the launch of its new enterprise mobile suite which enables businesses to access, manage and share data online and offline from the cloud and other devices. The app suite is designed for all major operating systems and expands support to include the Apple Watch.

Egnyte adds support for the Apple Watch

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Having monitored app development trends, Egnyte has enhanced its user interface to optimise workflow and support businesses. The new suite offers the ability to organise files for both offline and online usage, re/name files, track uploads through dynamic notifications, and preview hi-res files as thumbnails eliminating the need to download them.

Apple Watch users will receive the ability to manage offline folders from their iPhone, monitor uploads and downloads and be notified when files are commented on. In addition, Egnyte announced support for Windows tablets.

Rajesh Ram, Co-founder of Egnyte, says:


“As we reinforce our mobile-first enterprise file services approach, it will be vital for organizations to provide employees with a full suite of enterprise-grade applications for secure access to any content in the cloud and on premises. Our enhanced mobile applications, with the addition of functionality for wearables including the Apple Watch, are able to combine a user-friendly experience for employees and contractors with enhanced security features IT can trust in today’s always-on business environment.”

In comparison to competitors Box and Dropbox, Egnyte offers a more flexible approach to store files in the cloud, on-premise and hybrid environments. Research from Enterprise Strategy Group confirms that most businesses require more than a one-approach solution with 90% of companies saying they have sensitive data which cannot be stored in the cloud. Security issues aside, 93% of businesses are interested in enterprise file sharing services.

Egnyte launches its new mobile enterprise solution