Developing a Mobile App? Ask these 12 Essential Questions First

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Posted: June 29, 2016

Konstant Infosolutions

“If you are getting a mobile application built for your business, this questionnaire will help you in making the best hiring decision and ensure your app’s success.”

Taking your business online is an iterative process. If you already have a website built for your business, your business needs its own mobile app. For a business group, it is first important to choose an app development company. If you have a list with you, the next step is to decide what company best suits your needs and can help you with an impressive mobile presence. To help all the business groups in general, we have penned down a set of questions that every client must ask the company they are hiring for mobile application development.

Well, this questionnaire is also a worthwhile read for all the app development companies as they can prepare themselves with the relevant answers if a client asks a similar question.

Can you show the examples of mobile apps you have designed? Show me the best from your portfolio.

The design diversity of a firm can be evaluated seeing the design styles they have already implemented. You can also browse through those apps in real-time to analyze and figure out how exactly it works and what all potential functionality/features the development and design teams have enforced.

Do you have any case studies to show the solutions you have provided to different businesses?

Ask for case studies that can give you facts and figures on how an app designed before generated return on investment and delivered business results. Since developing a mobile app is not only about reaching to customer’s mobile screens but receiving ROI and a good number of visitors, you must look out for how their design and development has boosted the conversion rate for a business.

How will my project be managed?

Typically, an app development process is like managing the whole project. So, to proceed with a project, you, as a client, must know beforehand how do the company proceed with the project. What is their project management strategy? What all steps it involves? Who will be the sole Project manager from start till the end? Also, it is important to know that whether the company works on agile methodology. Do they work on the concept of weekly or biweekly sprint? How do they maintain transparency in the work with client?

How much time will your team devote in analyzing my business, competitors and the current market?

Yet another important concern is knowing the timelines. Like you can’t wait for years to get your app developed. Moving ahead with the conversation, clients own the rights to know the time a company and its team would invest in researching and performing the market analysis before starting the project. This also gives an idea of how effective and efficient their team is, in terms of sticking to timelines.

Who all will be involved in the project?

Clearly, it will consist of a team of a Project Manager, a designer, a developer (or maybe two depending on the requirements), a quality analyst and other members. It is better to know the names of each one of the teammates working for your project and discuss their expertise and experience in advance. This will justify the type of work delivered and the amount of time spent on each task.

What all do you need from me before getting started?

As is the custom, when it comes to app development, clients are supposed to provide the images, videos, text or any other content they want to show on the app. For content, you can either choose to get it done from the company’s digital marketing team or provide it from your end. So, get things cleared like what all they require from you and what all they will provide. Have a healthy discussion on the requirements and information you have to provide.

How do you ensure high quality standards?

For instance, like if it’s an eCommerce app, do they have Magento Certified Developers. Do they have good knowledge of PhoneGap and other cross-platform tools?  Do they have any senior technical resources involved who review and supervise the work of juniors? Is there an independent and dedicated team to check and fix bugs, thereby ensuring overall quality? Feel free to ask them how do they focus on maintaining the quality of the app.

What all is included in the price quoted?

To avoid last-minute price negotiations, it is better you clear what all they include in the price they quote. Is it for the whole project delivery or some of the things will be charged as extra? There are times when you come up with new functionality and additions to the ongoing project; some of which may be priced as add-ons. So, nothing should come as a surprise later, especially the costs.

Who can we contact anytime during the project?

Most well-known and established companies do have a single point of contact for the clients throughout the project, i.e. a Business Analyst or a Project manager. But things may differ when you start working with them. You should make sure that the company you have chosen maintains it. Ask them the right person to contact anytime during the project for any queries, suggestions, changes or anything else. Just be sure that you don’t have to oscillate from one person to another for getting things done.

Ensure convenient and hassle-free working for yourself.

Do you offer support and maintenance? 

What if your app does not function like before for a new OS version of a new mobile device? With a slight change in functionality, any of the app screens may not work well. In this case, does the company provide support and maintenance. If yes, is it free or chargeable? How much does it charge to fix a new bug? It is important to get all these answers in order to keep the mobile app up and running.

Who owns the code?

As part of their services, some of the development companies deny giving you the sole authority of the code their developers have written. Whether you get the ultimate ownership of the app once it’s developed including design, code and everything or not? It’s better to ask before you are outfoxed.

Clients must have full control over their app and receive full proprietorship.

Will I be able to access the app while it’s in progress?

Reputable brands will allow you to view your app during each phase of development. Confirm if you can do that; this will help you provide suggestions and make any changes before it is final, thereby reducing extra efforts and time.

Your new mobile app is a mobile representation of your business and thus, you can’t take unanticipated risks. It’s crucial that the app design and development company you hire is professionally equipped with industry standards. You must derive tangible results at the end. Thus, take out time to ask far-ranging questions before you choose a company and be sure of getting a measurable ROI on your mobile app.