Data security top IoT challenge, but experts are hardest for companies to source

Andy Boxall

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February 2, 2016

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Companies working on projects related to the Internet of Things see security and data exposure as the biggest challenges ahead of them. This issue is compounded by the same companies finding information security experts are the hardest staff to source.

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IT recruitment, management, and services company Teksystems highlighted the issue in a recent survey, which asked more than 200 businesses about IoT initiatives. 50% of those interviewed said “Increased exposure of data/information security” was the biggest risk and challenge in reaching IoT targets, while 45% said information security skills were the hardest to find.

A massive 85% of the leaders said the IoT projects being worked on were expected to have either a significant or at least some impact on their businesses over the next five years. 64% expect this to be around creating better experiences for customers. The majority, 63%, of IoT projects are being worked on internally, leaving 37% taken on by external sources.

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Most companies are still only considering running an IoT project, with 42% saying early discussions are taking place, while only 17% are in the beta stage to establish feasibility, and 22% have passed this to create IoT services and products.

Teksystems research manager Jason Hayman explained:

“Only a minority of organizations have adopted IoT initiatives, despite a majority recognizing the potentially transformational impact these projects will have on their business. Part of this measured adoption is likely due to a lack of confidence that IoT initiatives can be handled internally, and concerns over information security, ROI and interoperability with current systems.”

You can read the complete report here.