Alohar Mobile launches new platform to build contextual apps

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Alohar Mobile, founded by Sam Liang, a former Google location platform lead architect, recently launched the Alohar Mobile Platform, which allows developers to build apps using contextual data.

Alohar API gives developers powerful real-time tools


The launch of the Alohar API follows the company’s release of the Place Us app in 2014, which tracks the location of friends and family in real-time. Featuring ambient sensing technology, Place Us can learn about a user’s daily activities and anticipate habits and ritual. It then sends out a reminder if you’re running late. Dave Smiddy, Vice President Products, Alohar, explains:


“(The app is a communications tool that creates) a profile of a person’s day that they can share automatically. We find that it’s a nice way to feel connected with someone during the day even when you’re not together.”

Place Us may seem like a surveillance tool at first, but in reality it can help users identify their routines and even act as a security feature if someone steals your phone and deviates from your usual schedule. The Alohar Mobile Platform takes things a step further. Developers can now create apps which recognise a user’s location, place and time. Apps that have data about a user’s routine can better serve them with offers and suggestions. Sam Liang, CEO of Alohar Mobile, says:


“The Alohar Platform enables app developers to build mobile apps that are persistent, personalized, proactive and predictive. Being persistent allows apps to detect context automatically without requiring the user to manually open the app. Personalized means the app can learn user preferences in the background and enhance the overall experience based on interests. Past behavior allows the app to anticipate and predict what a user may need and then proactively offer services even before they are manually requested.”

Indeed, personalisation is a growing trend among app and technology companies, and a most valuable tool for marketers to target customers with the right products and predict services they may wish to purchase in the near future. Research by IGD highlights that retailers “with a focused mobile strategy report much higher figures, demonstrating a strong preference for a seamless mobile experience. Last quarter, 48% of Ocado shoppers checked out on a mobile device. US retailer Target claims that 98% of its customers now shop digitally, 70% doing so on mobile devices.”

Using platforms such as Alohar to develop apps ultimately leads to improved user experience and helps companies grow their brands.