70% of social network users in India are Facebook users – driven by mobile device penetration

Facebook is riding the wave of success in the APAC region. The company which just recently announced hitting the 2bn user mark, now appears to be reaching its largest share of users in India at 32.6%.
According to the latest eMarketer social network user forecast, 183 million people in the country are going to use Facebook regularly during 2017. That equates to around 70% of social media users and 42.6% of Internet users.
The research company also predicts user growth to continue to grow at least 20% this year. By 2021, 70% of social media users in India will access Facebook at least once a month.

According to Monica Peart, Senior forecasting director at eMarketer:

“Mobile devices continue to fall in price, making them increasingly accessible to the average Indian consumer. This trend will continue to positively impact the growth of various internet activities, including regular use of the country’s most popular social networking platform, Facebook.”

The forecast does contrast a recent Mary Meeker prediction that Facebook may be losing popularity in India.
According to eMarketer, much of the growth in Facebook user numbers can be attributed to the growing mobile device usage and network expansions. 96.5% of Facebook users are going to access the platform from their mobile devices in 2017, up from 90.3% in 2015.
Meanwhile, Twitter user figures in India aren’t growing anywhere near as heavily, amounting to around 11 million in 2017. That’s 4.2% of social media users and 2.6% of Internet users. eMarketers says that number is going to increase to 15.7 million by 2021.