YouAppi launches SDK for mobile rewarded video and video interstitials

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

February 24, 2017


Source YouAppi

Mobile marketing platform, YouAppi, has just launched its new Software Development Kit (SDK) as an extension to the OneRun platform. The new SDK lets publishers and app developers choose between rewarded videos and video interstitials.
It offers YouAppi’s Post-Install Event-driven targeting, that considers over 60 segmentation parameters including device and geographic location.
In addition, the SDK is integrated with mediation partners AdMob (Google) and MoPub (Twitter) so that adverts are being seen by the chosen audiences.
YouAppi says that what sets its SDK apart from others is the rewarded video technology, which is based on values of gamification. That means, YouAppi rewarded videos encourage user engagement by offering a value exchange between the end users and app developers.
Indeed, rewarded video ads have been proven to be the advertising of choice for mobile gamers.

Source Unity

In addition, YouAppi’s rewarded ads can be customised with interactive video end cards. Rewarded Video ads are opt-in for the consumer ensuring a smoother consumer relationship.
Other functionalities include pre-caching to reduce latency, contextual optimisation and behavioural targeting. Contextual relevance is important in reaching the right audience, and publishers can benefit from a lighter SDK with fast and easy integration across various platforms.
For publishers, the SDK makes it easier to provide ad partners with the option to run distribution campaigns.
Brand marketers can engage new users or re-engage inactive ones. In addition, the Post-Install Events feature ensures that actions are valuable to the marketer and campaigns are optimised accordingly.
Moshe Vaknin, CEO and Co-Founder, YouAppi, says:

“The roll out of YouAppi’s lightweight SDK provides publishers with new revenue streams from ad units which will make their app marketers happy while rewarding users. Everyone wins with YouAppi’s lightweight SDK.”

YouAppi’s OneRun platform has enjoyed successful performance across 16,600 campaigns run for 470 advertisers via 115 billion monthly impressions.