WalkMe’s new applets help boost app engagement, without additional development

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WalkMeApps is a new way to boost app user engagement without the need to code new features or submit new versions to an app store. It’s the latest from WalkMe, a company that specializes in app engagement, and it uses clever applets to promote upgrades and reduce uninstalls.

WalkMe has introduced WalkMeApps, engagement-boosting applets that are simple to use


These components can be created without any app development knowledge using WalkMe’s easy-to-use interface, featuring a drag-and-drop toolkit for simplicity, so marketing teams and other departments can work on promoting the app without a developer.

Dan Akida, CEO at WalkMe, said:


“We want to let developers focus on their strength by allowing them to utilize ours. As the global leader in digital engagement, we are channeling this expertise to help independent developers drive the next generation of disruptive and game changing apps.Furthermore, we are allowing developers to enrich the ecosystem and create their own applets to share with the community of independent developers.”

WalkMe will support and update components, which have been built using its enterprise-level security protocols, and states that when used, WalkMeApps can increase adoption rates and in-app purchases. To learn more about WalkMeApps, visit the company’s website here.