Google updates Play Games Services Unity plugin and C++ SDK


Google has issued an update for its Play Games Services developer tools, specifically enhancing the Unity plugin, the C++ SDK, and CocoaPods. The company promises the improvements will bring a, “better, more stable experience.” It has also added new support for the Nearby Connections API.

Unity. The plugin now has support for Events and Quests, both of which can be added into games, and developers have native access of Player Analytics inside the Unity IDE. Google says it has been listening to feedback, and worked on improving the stability of the Multiplayer, Saved Game, and Sign-in services for Unity. Developers can expected fewer crashes and glitches, it says.

Google has updated the Unity plugin for its Play Games Services

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C++ SDK. The Nearby Connections API has been added to the C++ SDK and the Unity plugin, for developers to integrate local multiplayer and second screen features into apps.

CocoaPods. Developers will see “major improvements to the Play game services CocoaPods,” according to Google, improving iOS game development using C++ and Unity. It has also worked on making iOS multiplayer more stable. Finally, multiplayer push notifications in iOS 8 have been enhanced, and UI compatibility issues solved.

You can find out more about Google’s Play Games Services here, and visit the GitHub page here for the Unity plugin. Additionally, learn more about Unity by visiting its company profile here.