Facebook launches dedicated video gaming platform

Facebook has made it easier for game developers to reach audiences via the site by launching a dedicated service. Sharing some similarities to Amazon Twitch, the Fb.gg platform allows gamers to stream their game online. The platform also hosts competitions and conferences and users can follow eSports or gaming celebrities.

In addition, the dedicated gaming platform lets marketers reach a highly engaged and specific audience.

Facebook says it also plans to launch a service that rewards top gamers. Dubbed Level Up, the programme is to be rolled out over the coming few months. A few creators are also currently trialling subscriptions to their channels according to Variety.

Facebook Gaming is an attempt to both establish audiences away from the News Feed, but also catch up to platforms such as Twitch. The key advantage the social site has is its audience data.

The new platform also lets fans purchase game content and also send virtual goods. In addition, content creators are actually making money as Facebook pays out $0.01 per star that a streamer earns.

Video gaming continues to be one of the top performing industries in entertainment. Over half of game revenues are also expected to come from mobile devices, which puts Facebook is an excellent position to score.