Facebook combines Messenger Day with Facebook Stories

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

November 14, 2017

Facebook has officially merged its Messenger Day with Facebook Stories and whole thing is called “Stories”. Now, the posts will show up across both apps. But if a user has already seen a story in Facebook, they won’t see it again in Messenger.

Facebook said that the transition was part of a move to make sharing Stories easier across both apps.

The social media network also hopes that this will up the exposure of Stories and render cross-posting unnecessary. Unlike on subsidiary Instagram though, cross-posting hasn’t really been all that popular on Messenger and Facebook.

According to the company, Messenger Day had 70 million daily active users (DAUs) in September 2017. Though sizeable, it’s rather low compared to Instagram Stories which has 300 million DAUs.

In addition, the company is also abandoning its Facebook Direct feature which enables private ephemeral messaging. As an alternative, replies to Stories and Facebook Camera messages will now go through Messenger.

Apparently, Facebook users just prefer Story replies to end up in Messenger anyway.

This also helps competitor Snapchat differentiate again. After all, disappearing chat messages were what drove the app’s success.

Of course, Facebook could also begin to test disappearing messages in Messenger, but it’s not entirely clear if the feature would catch on. It didn’t as part of Facebook Direct.

One thing is for sure, Facebook Stories are here to stay – just in a modified way. Despite comparatively weak usage, Facebook seems to think that ultimately even older users could get excited about ephemeral posts.