AppGeyser hits ‘one million apps created’ milestone


Android app builder AppGeyser has announced it’s now surpassed one million apps created via its free online platform.

AppGeyser doesn’t say exactly how many of those apps have actually been launched on Google Play, nor how many have been downloaded, which would be a more interesting metric given how quick it is to pump out applications on the platform. Nevertheless the milestone is quite an achievement and certainly makes AppGeyser – which launched back in 2011 -the most popular Android app builder on the market.

AppGeyser co-founder Vasily Salomatov said:


“Back in 2011 we launched AppsGeyser with a vision. We have not only realised our vision but have surpassed it with tremendous success.”

There’s loads of app builders out there, but few are as simple to use as AppGeyser’s platform, which is completely free and offers around 50 templates (mostly basic affairs that let you recreate your website, or YouTube, channel in mobile app form). The company makes its money by sharing advertising space on any applications made. Head over to the AppGeyser site for more info.