Yeahmobi announces mobile advertising deal with No.1 Social Network VKontakte

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Partner Post - YeahMobi leading mobile ad network

Posted: December 8, 2014

yeahmobi vkontakte
YeahMobi has signed a major deal with VKontakte, Russia’s no.1 social media site. As a result of the deal, Chinese app and game developers will be able to promote their products across the network as VKontakte itself expands into China. This represents a major partnership for YeahMobi as VKontakte is one of the world’s top 10 social media sites with over 250 million users and an inventory of over 4 billion daily page impressions.
YeahMobi and VKontakte Ink Mobile Advertising Deal
yeahmobi and vkontakte
This deal follows Facebook’s Mark Zuckerburg recent visit to Tsinghua University, where he impressed the audience with his Chinese.  The YeahMobi deal with VKontakte that will allow it to act as a bridge between Chinese developers and the Russian mobile and app advertising market. Under the agreement, YeahMobi will act as the main channel for Chinese advertisers to promote games and apps via the social network.
The new inventory will form part of YeahMobi’s social advertising solution. This offers access to a range of social networks including Facebook and Twitter in a range of regions with over 400k installs per day. According to YeahMobi there are more deals in the pipeline that will give them additional exclusivity over Russian mobile and app traffic.
You can find out more over at YeahMobi blog