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Posted: August 3, 2016

Idan Kfir is the founder of EZmob, a leading mobile monetization platform for mobile web publishers and app developers. Idan has been focused on mobile since the very start and has vast experience promoting apps in various verticals and regions, working together with brands and developers to effectively promote their products.

At EZmob, we do everything possible to make mobile simple for our partners whether they’re on the demand or supply side.  Mobile, as you might already know, is a challenge for some, an advantage for others and somewhere in between for most. Finding out what works for your traffic as a publisher, or what converts for your product as a brand, means generating more income for your business bottom line. There are many aspects to consider when going into any mobile campaigns, understand the KPIs and what advertisers are actually looking for is the key.
It was 2015’s most popular buzz word in advertising and still it is a top priority for advertisers, but first let me explain what viewability term means. The MRC (Media Rating Council) defined Viewability as having at least 50% of an ad’s pixels in view for at least 1 second. This might be easier to do in a Desktop world, but with mobile, due to the lack of a standard and heavy fragmentation, it’s more of a challenge. Differences among operating systems, ad formats, and ad placements can affect viewability.
Today display ads receive around 50% viewability score, with a much better score when running ads via in-app publishers (81%).
Our solution
EZmob has developed ad units, which guarantee 100% viewability when buying traffic. The way we solve issue with viewability is simple, we make sure our ads float on top and are responsive to any mobile or desktop device. We create a 2nd monetization layer for publishers that, via very simple integration, enables them to keep monetizing their traffic via the usual known monetization companies (Google’s AdSense for example) but also take advantage of our effective ad units on top.
EZmob mobile ad formats

Ad formats
Different sites respond to different ad units… well.. differently. We give publishers the ability to pick and choose which overlay unit they’d like to feature on their site. Our demand is connected to direct advertisers, performance deals and all major RTBs and Exchanges to achieve a 100% fill rate and a high eCPM.
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