Snapchat has a unique audience, and over 35% of them can’t be reached on Instagram or Facebook

Social media platform audiences are more diverse than you think. Indeed, marketers won’t be able to get away with a target-two-to-reach-them-all approach anymore.
According the latest findings by app analytics firm App Annie, Snapchat in particular has a very unique and also exclusive usership.
Having analysed smartphone user data from the US and UK in Q4 2016, App Annie found that 35% of Snapchatters cannot be reached on Facebook, whilst 46% aren’t on Instagram. Compared to WhatsApp, that percentage is a whopping 93% in the US. Given that both Facebook and Instagram are important advertising platforms for most social media marketers, these findings may come as a bit of a surprise.
There’s a little more overlap in the UK, particularly when it comes to WhatsApp (77%).

According to Snap Inc., 41% of US Snapchat users are aged between 18 to 34 years. Brands which are keen to target this audience may have to begin to develop a Snapchat strategy.
App Annie says that audiences aren’t considering these platforms to be interchangeable. Instead, users pick just a few and stick with them over time.
Despite Facebook blatantly copying quite a few of Snapchat’s features as of late, the app has continued to retain a level of uniqueness. Whilst some say they tend to use Instagram and Facebook to establish an image of themselve, Snapchat users share more momentary content. For advertisers, that means there may be room for enhanced mood targeting in the future.