New emulator makes it easier than ever to test apps for Ford’s Sync in-car system

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Ford has released the Sync 3 AppLink Emulator, a program designed to help developers create and test apps suitable for its Sync in-car entertainment and communications platform. There are more than 15 million cars with Sync equipment on the road now, and Ford expects this number to reach 43 million by 2020.

Ford has released an emulator for developers to test Sync platform apps

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Developers connect their smartphone to their computer using the emulator, which simulates the connection between the in-car system and a user’s phone, ready to tweak the app and test functionality. It also provides the option to change conditions, ranging from altering the virtual car’s speed and location, to its mileage and temperature.

Ford shows how the emulator works in this video

The Sync 3 AppLink Emulator is free to download from Ford, and represents an easy alternative for developers without access to a car, or Ford’s own development kits, which are only available in select regions.

There are 90 AppLink apps available to the public, and more than 15,000 developers registered in Ford’s developer program. You can learn more about the emulator here.