Mobile App Engagement Benchmarks panel moderated by CleverTap

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Partner Post - CleverTap Behavioural Analytics, Smart Segments with Personalized Messaging

Posted: June 8, 2016

Shawnee Swarengin is the Vice President of Content Marketing for CleverTap. She oversees content strategy and creation for the company leveraging her extensive 15 years experience as a brand marketing executive for top tier companies like Bandai Namco Entertainment, Demand Media and other leading start-up companies in the tech space.

Retaining users you’ve acquired is arguably the most critical goal for any app. The next step is driving retention and understanding what specific activities a user does, so you can engage them in exactly the right way at the right moment. What are some mobile engagement best practices?

First, you need to understand your users: who are they, how and when are they engaging your app? Mobile analytics tools that track both aggregate and individual user engagement, and that segment users by behavior, location and personality will allow you to create unique personalized app experiences for each customer.

Kara Dake, Product Evangelist for Clevertap joins a panel of mobile industry experts at in a lively panel discussion about engagement & segmentation benchmarks.

The General Assembly LA panel features:

Henry Lowenfels, VP Business Development for Scopely

Peter Wilkniss, VP Engineering for CleverTap

– Jud Hogan, Mobile Advisor & Former Head of Performance Marketing @ Whisper

Here are a few mobile engagement benchmarks that are mentioned in the video panel.

Mobile Engagement

We have over 70 million turns in Yatzee per day. In terms of engagement at a certain time, with our Walking Dead game, we’ve timed events that relate to content on TV. These will launch and we see monetization soar through the roof. Its shocking to see how many people are willing to re-live moments and play with characters that relate to current content — Henry Lowenfels, @Scopely

Mobile Segmentation

The focus is around contextual relevancy. It’s about finding the people that you want to hook into. It’s crunching a lot of data, and surfacing those people in real time. It’s a lot of data science. It’s a lot better to rent a tool for segmentation than to build it yourself. We have a lot of data scientists building these platforms and it’s hard to replicate the work that we’ve done – Peter Wilkniss, VP of Engineering @ CleverTap

Looking at post install numbers, my benchmark is 1000 users per cohort — Jud Hogan, Mobile Advisor @Whisper

Whatever your mobile strategy is, identifying your key audiences is crucial for driving retention and creating brand loyalty for your app. Watch and learn more tips and best practices to engage your users on a daily basis from this recent industry panel at General Assembly LA.

Mobile App Engagement Benchmarks panel moderated by CleverTap

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