HP launches app performance testing solutions for Microsoft Azure Marketplace


Hewlett Packard has just launched its performance testing tools using Microsoft Ignite to enable app developers to test their app performance and roll them out faster. HP StormRunner Load and HP LoadRunner are now pre-configured for Microsoft Azure environments on the Azure Marketplace. Developers now gain faster access to cloud-based tools for simplified testing.

In addition, HP showcased its new StormRunner Load tool to test and analyse mobile applications, providing insight on app scalability of millions of users across the globe. With the launch of new tech gear, such as the Apple Watch, ever more apps are being developed. To cut through the competition and ensure instant smooth performance, Agile developers are able to launch apps which have been fully tested and can operate on various operating systems and platforms.

Stormrunner Load delivers scalable mobile testing

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Source: saas.hp.com

Robert Youngjohns, EVP and GM at HP Software says:


“The mobile application development market is evolving rapidly, and developers today require fast, flexible, and easy-to-use tools to help them accelerate mobile app delivery. By delivering HP StormRunner Load and HP LoadRunner in the Microsoft Azure environment, we are providing developers with a fast-path to a proven, cloud-based platform that they can use to build and test scalable, high-performing applications.”

Other features include a WebPageTest highlighting single user response time. The application links with HP’s Network Visualition and SiteScope.

Raziel Tabib, CEO at Codefresh, which offers a complete cloud development environment, says:


“As mobile application adoption continues to accelerate, businesses are pressed to go Agile in their development environments with rapid testing and continuous delivery. HP StormRunner Load provides intuitive performance testing software that is both powerful and easy to use by Agile teams. Running HP StormRunner Load on Microsoft Azure and other cloud environments helps developers confidently deliver scalable applications with the performance and experience users demand.”

Additionally, HP announced a competition for Microsoft Ignite developers and IT teams that includes hands-on experience with HP StormRunner Load.