Built.io releases iOS and Android mobile SDKs for Contentstack

Andy Boxall

In App Development, news

March 17, 2016


Built.io has released new mobile SDKs for its cloud-based CMS system Contentstack, which has also been enhanced with a variety of new features. The mobile SDKs are available for both Android and iOS, and replace the previous JavaScript SDK, enabling developers to make cross-platform apps that use Built-io’s point and click interface.

A new drag and drop content builder has been added to Built.io’s platform, and the company says it speeds up the process of structuring pages by a factor of ten. The new release also has separate API consoles for managing content and its delivery. For content editors, the updated platform adds asset tagging, and content type labels.

Built.io has released new mobile SDKs for its Contentstack SMS system

built io sdk

In a press release launching the new mobile SDKs, Built.io says:

“Unlike the vast majority of content management systems used by enterprises today, Built.io Contentstack was designed from the ground up to be optimized for mobile, with content manageable and delivered in a mobile-friendly format through REST APIs. With mobile use cases becoming pervasive, the inherent headless CMS capabilities make Built.io Contentstack an increasingly compelling choice for organizations that have to deliver and manage content across multiple channels.”

You can learn more about Built.io and Contentstack by visiting the company’s website here.