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Cost per install (aka CPI) is one type of the CPA model and it is a payment model publishers and advertisers launch ad campaigns with. It implies charging for an instance when a mobile app copy is installed on a smartphone or tablet computer. To calculate cost per install total, expenditure on ads to drive app installs should be divided over a total number of installs that were generated with those ads. Currently an average cost per install is roughly $1.24 / per install. Among all payment models established in mobile advertising, this is one of the most important for app developers, because it allows them to calculate ROI of their investments in app advertising. In this directory we’ve curated all the best CPI Advertising Networks for you.

List of cost per install (CPI) ad networks and traffic sources

Updated: December 12, 2018


Best Retention Rate

WHAFF Rewards has a unique form of advertising apps which combines CPI and CPA.

Linktest by 50mango

powerful tool for checking offers' links


Mobile Audience Targeting Platform

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Value each click

Allitapp is a performance based ad network founded in 2015 in Hong Kong working on CPI/CPA basis.


Socialize, Promote and Monetize your app

Facebook Audience Network

Create an ad on Facebook. Show it across the web

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Creative Mobile DSP


high quality IOS and Android inventory


Your marketplace for direct deals


Leading network for online mobile performance.

...global mobile inventory/ traffic with extremely competitive EPCs and our exclusive and direct CPA/ CPL/ CPI campaigns during 6 years.

Billy Mobile

The Leading Affiliate Platform

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...can benefit from Billy's self-service platform, boasting a premium inventory of 6,000+ CPA, CPL and CPI campaigns.

Google Ads

Get your ad on Google today.


The leader in native advertising for mobile games


High quality video ads


Marketing Powered By Technology

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Actionable analytics for developers


a full-stack network for mobile advertisers and publishers

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The platform offers a range of CPI and CPM solutions for advertisers and publishers.


Drive campaigns for post-install events

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...running campaigns, using Liftoff's custom algorithms to drive continuous real-time improvement to your CPI by targeting post-install actions as opposed to simple installs.


Data-driven app marketing platform

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Connecting people with apps

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Twitter Ads

Solutions to help you achieve your business goals


Mobile Performance Network

Hexcan is a premium mobile user acquisition platform focused on promoting mobile CPI campaigns.

Adsterra Network

Best Advertising Network, High Quality Traffic, Self-Service Platform for advertisers

Various pricing models (CPM, CPA, CPL, CPO, CPI) Advanced Targeting (Keywords, GEO & Language, Browser, Device & Vendor, Operating System etc.


Impressions that inspire

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CPI Guide

CPI (otherwise known as Cost Per Install) is a model that is largely specific to mobile applications. Essentially, a brand is charged a fixed rate only when the app is installed by the user.

CPI Rates

Here are some CPI offers along with their platform and country below.

Platform/Network Country CPI Rates
Facebook Ads US $1.8
Twitter Ads US $2.53
Instagram Ads US $2.23
Search Ads US $1
Average iOS App US $2.07

Source: Business of Apps

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