Unreal Engine version 4.10 launched as a preview, with 300 bug fixes, and Android 6.0 SDK support


Epic Games has launched a preview version of Unreal Engine 4.10, a final version of which will launch in the near future, bringing a variety of key new features for game developers — most notably around virtual reality, and support for Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

It’s emphasised in a blog post that the preview version has not been fully quality tested, and that the kit is still under development, therefore developers that download it should be on the lookout for bugs and instability.

Unreal Engine 4.10 has been released as a preview version, and includes new features along with many bug fixes.

Unreal Engine Mobile

Here are a few of the key new aspects of Unreal 4.10:

  • Virtual reality: Hidden and Visible Mesh optimisations have been added to improve rendering, and motion controller components have been updated.
  • SDK: In addition to Android 6.0 support, Visual Studio 2015, Xcode 7, PS4 SDK 3.00, and iOS 9/El Capitan support has also been included.
  • Mobile rendering: Refraction on Mobile, and Material Quality Level Scalability System for Mobile both added.

Epic says version 4.10 will be a smaller update than usual, and concentrate on bug fixes and improvements, rather than major feature additions. It claims there are 300 bug fixes inside the preview, and more will be included in the final release. Epic released version 4.9 of Unreal Engine in September.