Now you can track Unreal Engine mobile games using GameAnalytics

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Developers using Unreal Engine to make their games now have access to player data and analytics through GameAnalytics, the gaming industry’s largest free analytics platform. The company has partnered with Epic Games, the creators of Unreal Engine, and made the platform available through the Unreal Marketplace.

GameAnalytics now tracks mobile games made using Unreal Engine

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Morten Wulff, GameAnalytics founder, said:


“During more than a decade, Epic has truly managed to push the boundaries for what game developers can accomplish — from indie studios to massive AAA studios. GameAnalytics is on a mission to follow up from where the Unreal Engine ends and enable game developers to monitor and optimize everything easily, from user acquisition to game design based on hard facts.”

GameAnalytics is used by around 9,000 games and watches over 300 million new players each month. The data it examines is presented through a series of dashboards, helping developers improve aspects of their games, and compare metrics with other games.

Visit GameAnalytics Github page for more information on building the service into your Unreal game.