How To Drive Massive Downloads Through Snapchat

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Posted: March 6, 2018

Miri is the Head of Marketing at Fanbytes helping mobile app firms drive ROI on Snapchat. 

If you have an app and the target audience for that app is under 30 years old and you’re NOT using Snapchat to drive downloads then you are massively missing out.

Even though the general perception of Snapchat is that it somehow always gets itself in trouble. You’ve probably heard about the failed rollout of the new Snapchat Update.

Despite the media uproar, a lot of marketers are increasingly viewing Snapchat as a powerful tool to reach younger audiences, more powerful than other social competitors like Facebook and Instagram. A lot of app developers are driving more downloads on Snapchat than other social media networks.

So what makes Snapchat so great for User Acquisition?

Young audience

13 to 21 year old is exactly the demographic that a lot of gaming apps want to target. However this young demographic is also very elusive. They aren’t on Facebook anymore and they aren’t really on Instagram(especially teenagers). In fact Snapchat has as many teens as Facebook despite being 1/8th its size.

Engaged Audience

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, there’s no feed to scroll through at the speed of light. The content on Snapchat occupies the entire screen and because it disappears in 24 hours it creates a Fear Of Missing Out effect, thus prompting someone to pay more attention to the content they are consuming. In the end the strongest indicator of high engagement on Snapchat is the tremendously high completion rates that we see on our campaigns. A client of ours, Plato(social gaming app) frequently gets 95% or higher completion rates on the App Install campaigns on Snapchat.

Completion rates example

Under priced

Facebook and Instagram are maturing as advertising platforms, they are literally running out of places to place ads and naturally the cost of advertising there, is rising steadily. Snapchat on the other hand is massively under priced right now. As Gary Vaynerchuk put it:

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat is a relatively pure environment, it has not been bombarded by endless ads…yet. There’s is a golden opportunity right now to benefit from the massive amount of underpriced attention on Snapchat. Some of the campaigns that we’ve run in Fanbytes for our mobile apps clients we’ve seen results like $0.20 or $0.50 cost-per-install. If you want to see those kind of results for your app, it is worth giving Snapchat a try.

How can app developers get started on Snapchat?

You have two options :

  1. Snap Ads
  2. Snapchat Influencers

Snap Ads are good if you have a flexible budget and you if you have a larger budget you can scale up very quickly. The format of the ad is a 10 second vertical video. It is important to grab the user’s attention in the first 3 seconds and convey your message quickly. If you can get the creative right, it is possible to see really good results from Snap Ads.

Snapchat Influencers are often a better option if you want to drive downloads, simply because over 60% of users tend to skip Snap Ads. At Fanbytes we have come up with a proprietary ad format that practically eliminates skipping. Our App Install campaigns manage to achieve over 95% completion rates and Cost-Per-Install of less than $1. For a detailed breakdown of the Sandwich Ad Format, please see here. The catch with influencer campaigns is that if you do not have an influencer agency to help you organize them, it might be difficult to do it yourself.

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