Forget funnels, Urban Airship says its clever loop works best for engaging app users

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Mobile engagement platform Urban Airship says the traditional marketing funnel approach to user acquisition and engagement is out of date, and has come up with an alternative called the “Mobile Engagement Loop.” The idea is the funnel has an obvious end point, while the loop continues to assess growth and opportunities to re-engage with users.

Urban Airship’s Mobile Engagement Loop

mobile engagement loop

Following the app download, there are four stages in the loop — onboarding, conversion, retention, and finally re-engagement. The loop makes it easier to visualize the engagement lifecycle, and is designed as a single exercise, rather than individual stages.

Urban Airship writes:

“Successful mobile engagement does not follow a traditional funnel approach — viewing your customer’s journey through the mobile engagement loop will ensure a systematic way to sustain and grow high-value relationships with your customers.”

By following the loop, there are clear opportunities to strengthen user relations, encourage continued growth, and find out why users have abandoned an app. You can learn more about Urban Airship’s services by visiting its website here.