Built.io updates Contentstack with new features, and in-app support


A new update to the Contentstack content management program has been announced by Built.io, adding in several new features and the ability to connect directly with Built.io’s product team. The company highlights the major changes, and says they’re applicable to both developers and its business users.

Neha Sampat, Built.io’s CEO, said:


“Companies are beginning to realize that their website can be so much more than just a static, corporate billboard. They are looking to create engaging, connected experiences through content delivered alongside interactive applications. We’re seeing more and more companies take advantage of Built.io’s ability to integrate the latest and greatest optimization and automation tools – and in some cases even their own SaaS-based products – directly into their website.”

The new Contentstack update includes Webhook support, and other new developer-focused features


Developers can look forward to a JavaScript SDK, new and improved data import and export tools, Webhooks support, and realtime integration with third-party systems and apps. The schema can be downloaded as a JSON file, and imported back into Contentstack. If you’re a business Contentstack user, there’s a new publishing queue, audit logs, and a new text editor. Additionally, support is provided through an in-app connection to Built.io’s product team.

The updated Contentstack is available now, and you can learn more about Built.io by visiting its company profile here.