Branch Metrics secures $15m for deep-linking platform

Christopher Reynolds

In news

March 5, 2015

Branch Metrics Logo

Branch Metrics has secured $15m in a round of Series A funding, helping the company bolster its app discovery tools. App discovery may be one of the biggest problems plaguing developers, but it’s also big business for those companies trying to find a solution and investors are eager to back players with serious offerings in this space.

Branch Metrics uses what it calls “branch links” to help developers grow their app userbase organically. It’s basically a deep linking service, but Branch Metrics’ links can send users to a specific page within an app after they install the app. So an ad for a wallpaper app could show users a specific image, then once the app is installed the user is delivered to that specific page. Most other deep-linking services only work if an app is already installed on a device.

Once you throw social sharing of deep-linked pages into the mix, along with tracking and analytics, you can see how such a tool could really boost discovery.

Branch Metrics CEO and co-founder Alex Austin said:


“Four years ago, just 3% of Internet use was through a mobile device – today the total is nearly 40%. As native application use is the preferred mobile experience, Branch links make the native app transitions much smoother for the end user and more like the familiar experience of web page transitions. At the rate developers are adopting Branch links, it’s very likely that by the end of 2015, every person with a smartphone will have benefited from our technology.”

Branch Metrics is already being used by more than a thousand apps, according to the company, such as iHeartRadio, HotelTongiht and Instacart. The core organic linking and analytics services are free-to-use and there’s also paid versions you can sign-up to. Check out the website here.