52% of Japan’s game revenue will come from mobile in 2016

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Japan takes the majority of its game revenue from mobile titles, a report from Newzoo Games has revealed. The data collected illustrates how a country’s game revenue is split between digital and boxed purchases. Japan is shown as taking $12.4b in games revenue for 2016, and 52% of that figure will come from mobile. This surpasses China, the U.S., South Korea, and Germany.

Newzoo’s data shows global game revenue for 2016, and the mobile share

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South Korea comes second, with 48% of its $4b revenue coming from mobile titles this year, with China in third. However, China’s overall revenue total, listed as $24.4b, puts it at the top of the list for global revenue from games this year. The U.S. will take 29% of its $23.6b revenue from mobile. Finally, Germany has a revenue of $4b, of which 23% is shown as mobile.

Newzoo Games report states digital games — which includes both mobile and PC/console titles — will make a little over 83% of the games industry’s expected $99.6b in revenue this year. Mobile will be responsible for around half of that figure.

View the complete report here.