37 Interactive Entertainment sees VR potential, invests in TianShe Culture & Media

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Games company 37 Interactive Entertainment sees considerable opportunity in the world of VR, and has announced a large investment in TianShe Culture & Media, which will see it gain a 15% stake in the Chinese VR content specialist.

37 Interactive Entertainment has invested in TianShe Culture and Media


The two companies will work together. TianShe will share it’s IP, while 37 Interactive will support it with access to its most popular games, and entertainment content. It’s the second VR-related investment from 37 Interactive, after it backed Archiact, a Canadian VR studio, earlier this year.

Li Yi Fei, 37 Interactive Entertainment’s co-founder, said of the two investments:

“The two developers both have their own advantages. One is a casual game expert familiar with the international market, while the other is a veteran in hardcore VR games that is well experienced in the domestic Chinese market. The two companies will facilitate each other in market expansion and game development, while 37 Interactive Entertainment will provide capital and resource support. As a result, we’ll see more quality VR products in the market place very soon.”

37 Interactive Entertainment’s long-term plan is to expand beyond VR games, and produce VR movies, apps, and related virtual reality entertainment software. Learn more about the company’s games by visiting its website here.