New third-party, in-app ride-enhancing convenience features introduced by Uber


On-demand ride hailing app Uber has introduced new developer tools to personalize and enhance the rider’s experience, through useful features that save time and cut down on hassle. It’s called Trip Branding and Personalization, and the features are designed to integrate into your app.

Launch partners include Hilton, Citymapper, and Zomato, and Uber has provided a few examples to see how the new features are being used. Hotel chain Hilton already has Uber integration, so once a rider has hailed a car, inside its app is a direct link to hotel booking details, and a way to check into the room.

Uber’s new in-app convenience features are available to third-party developers now

uber screen

Zomato has added its menus for riders to browse once on their way to a restaurant, while Citymapper has built Uber journeys into its transit planning service. This means users can plan their route from one location, and even if they user Uber to get to a station, it counts as part of the journey.

Uber says the feature is available to all third party developers who already use Ride Reminders or deeplinks to fulfill  ride requests. There are further details available here.