Learn The Basics Of App Marketing With Jampp’s 10 Commandments

George Osborn

In App Marketing

August 27, 2014

Sometimes when you’re starting out in a new business, you really need someone to lay down the basics to help you get a handle on things. After all with most new businesses paralysed at some point by the sheer number of options open and available to them, it can be really helpful to have a friendly face to help ease you into the whole topic. And fortunately for us, Diego Meller from Jampp turned out to be a wonderfully friendly guide when he laid down his app marketing and promotion commandments at the App Promotion Summit Berlin in 2013.

Despite telling a slight untruth about the number of commandments he was going to share with us (he showed 8 in the end, not 10), Meller guided the attendees through the complicated advertising landscape with a pleasingly refreshing simplicity. From talking about when to spend to the importance of app screenshots, this presentation is a quick and easy way to build yourself a basic app promotion plan and take forward some useful advice in the future.

In particular, we recommend looking out for:

  • A simple and interesting demonstration of how app marketing has become such an important topic in the wider world.
  • Essential advice on how to get your app into fighting fit condition to ensure marketing success.
  • Those all important commandments that’ll form the basis of your marketing efforts.

Check out the video below now to get your head around some truly top tips.

You can get access to all the videos and transcripts from the conference in our App Promotion Summit Berlin Bundle