Appy Pie releases Zopim in-app live chat API

Andy Boxall

In App Development, news

January 13, 2016


Cloud-based mobile app building platform Appy Pie has released an API for its Zopim live chat module, allowing developers to insert a live chat feature into apps. The in-app chat provides a real-time link between app users and a support team, and operates in 54 different languages.

Abhinav Girdhar, Appy Pie’s CEO and founder said:


“By adding this feature to the app, connect with your customers by giving your brand a voice and build meaningful relationships by talking to customers over live chat. You end up increasing your sales by increasing the chances of high value engagement and by using proactive chat to automatically reach out to customers.”

Appy Pie makes building apps easy, and has launched an API for its in-app chat feature

appy pie screen

The in-app chat system has a wealth of features including:

  • User customizable greetings
  • Conversation search options, automatic translation, and visitor information through a dashboard
  • Chat transcripts
  • Smart offline hours
  • File transfers

Once set-up, the in-app chat widget hides at the bottom of the app screen, ready for a tap to wake it up. For more details, visit Appy Pie’s website here.