IoT startup Atomation takes $1m funding after mobile SDK launch

Andy Boxall

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February 1, 2016

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Internet of Things company Atomation has raised $1m in a funding round led by Janvest Capital Partners. Based in Israel, Atomation produces units that add IoT connectivity to regular hardware. The new round follows a 2014 investment program that saw $900,000 raised for IoT work in the toy industry.

Atomation has raised $1m in funding for its IoT connectivity business

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Guy Weitzman, CEO of Atomation, said in an interview with The Globes:


“The IoT revolution is here. While companies focus on developing Cloud platforms to connect with ‘smart’ objects, we are focusing on connecting physical objects that are not yet ‘smart’ with a Cloud service that can provide an array of analytics.”

According to the report, Atomation has signed contracts with companies in the consumer electronics, healthcare, and agriculture industry. The funding comes soon after the launch of its mobile SDK, and an analytics dashboard that connects with its API.

You can learn more about Atomation’s IoT platform and mobile SDK by visiting its website here.