cars. Featured Connected Cars – State of the Industry Report In hedgehog lab’s report they aim to identify present and emerging technologies, changing innovation trends, the ability of the customers to adapt to it, and the overall influence of trends and technologies on the automotive sector. Their whitepaper covers the following: Building the case for connected cars Connecting the dots in the automotive sector Quest for the right technology Role of third party services Why invest in connected cars? Featured User Experience Design Guide This guide makes a strong point for how an effective User Experience Design results in high quality user experiences (CX), which are crucial to mobile app adoption, mobile app monetization and market success. It explores: key challenges in UX/UI development lean and agile processes for UX design how Zymr employs Design Patterns for multi-modal access best-in-class technology stacks for creating highly responsive UI experiences. You’ll find also included brief case studies with some of Zymr’s work in this area. retail_strategy Featured Mobile Retail Strategy Whitepaper Mobile has become a key part of IT strategy for the retail industry. Hedgehog lab has prepared this whitepaper on how to be successful in retail using mobile platforms. This covers the following areas: How to integrate new technologies A discussion on the best mobile platform for you How to decide what features to include Front cover Featured All You Need To Know About Apple TV The 4th generation of Apple’s set-top box device will bring with it a huge list of changes. Not only in how the service works, but in how the Apple TV and the Apple ecosystem – including App Developers – have worked together until now. hedgehog lab’s whitepaper covers the following: What is the market size for Apple TV? How to bring existing apps to Apple TV What is tvOS? Making new apps for Apple TV Featured Get Mobile or Get Lost: The Insider’s Guide to Mobile App Development Whether it’s the first or 15th app, making the decision to create a mobile application immediately raises multiple crucial questions that must be answered before development can begin. Who is the target audience? What are the largest cost-drivers? What features are a must-have, and which can be left for a future update? What is the most cost-effective way to develop the app? Is it better to develop in-house or outsource? This eBook from Intellectsoft gives answers to these and other questions, providing information, advice, and brainstorming worksheets to help you get started. banking Featured Five Mobile Trends That Are Transforming Banking From ATMs to digital platforms, banks have always been quick to adapt to new technologies, to provide better services to their customers. The biggest trends that are currently shaping the way financial transactions will be managed in the future are in mobile. hedgehog lab’s whitepaper covers the following topics: How will banks use apps? Digital payment NFC technology Password/security Wearables Copy (1) of mobile-app-marketing-campaign-playbook Featured Mobile App Marketing Campaign Playbook The popularity of mobile apps shows no sign of slowing down, but the market is saturated and standing out from the crowd can be tough to do. This playbook from DCI features the following: Advice on mobile app marketing campaigns The best ways to get your app noticed Learn the tips and tricks to success tr Featured Retail in a Post-PC world: A hedgehog lab report This white paper offers an in-depth review of the retail sector, looking at changing trends and strategies retail brands can adopt to survive and thrive amidst growing competition. The white paper covers the following: Changing trends in the retail sector Broader trends from primary and secondary research Building better experiences to boost sales Digital platforms leveraging the retail experience The Road Ahead hedgehog lab Tech Healthcare Featured The Transformative Role of Technology in Healthcare Mobile has the potential to fundamentally alter the face of healthcare industry. This white paper from hedgehog lab covers the following: The Tech-ready Market Future Trends – The rise of health app development Wearables: beyond the novelty Big data and Analytics Featured Hybrid vs Native Mobile Apps Customer experience for mobile is more important to your business than you might think. Choosing between developing a hybrid or a native mobile app is the core decision for any app developer to being able to deliver the best possible user experience. To demonstrate pros and cons of both app building models and help to make a choice, this white paper covers the following topics: how each model may influence on an app success the models detailed comparison how go-to-market time influences the model’s choice an app performance significance user experience release cycles the models key differences wearables Featured Wearable Technologies hedgehog lab has created this useful whitepaper to discuss the increasing importance of wearable tech and what it means for you and your business in the future. The guide covers the following: Why wearables will become so important How you can benefit from this new sector Game changer find out what the long term impact on your industry will be development Featured App Development Best Practices Whilst having an app developed for your business can be an exciting experience, it’s also a steep learning curve. This e-book from hedgehog lab will give you the insights you need to secure the best possible ROI from your venture. Their ebook covers the following: Why attentive design is a crucial element Why are developers unbundling their apps? Four ingredients for a perfect app (enterprise edition) A mobile app developers checklist How recycled code effects the quality of your app Four essential requirements to launch your app Five ways to get top ratings for your app iBeacons Featured Offering Personalised Shopping Experiences using iBeacons hedgehog lab has created this useful whitepaper on the topic of ‘offering personalised shopping experiences using iBeacons’. The whitepaper discusses and answers the following for retailers: Demystifies iBeacons and explains how they work Gives great ideas on how to use iBeacons in your retail environment Lists the key players in the iBeacon market Untitled Featured Designing an Apple TV experience for a challenger bank This document aims to look into the exciting and fast paced fintech market. With billions of pounds being pumped into this sector over the last couple of years all over the world, it really is one of the most exciting markets, offering lots of opportunity for innovation. The ebook covers the following: Our understanding of the sector Our identified Market levers for the Fintech space ‘Advantage, challenger banks!’ Potential areas of digital disruption in fintech The future for fintech Mobile Technology Trends to Watch In 2017 The infographic Mobile Technology Trends for 2017 is a great checklist that shows what small businesses can get from using a mobile app. It also tells you what some of the current trends in apps are, and the importance of the cloud, and what roles AR, LBS, and IoT will be playing soon. Small business apps are being created at a faster rate than ever before Sales through or with apps are expected to top $77 billion in 2017 Mobile apps bring in customers with features like Augmented Reality and Location Based Services The Internet of Things (IoT) will connect small businesses to more things than just phones, tablets, and computers App Statistics Report Cover App Statistics Report In this special three-part report we take a look at the facts and figures to ascertain how much revenue has been generated by the app economy in the past five years and, also, the forecast for the next two years Mobile App Development for Business Mobile application is a crucial point in the business development path. Nevertheless, it takes too long for some to realize it. This infographic outlines key beneficial points any company should take advantage of: Time spent on apps by the perspective clients. Impressive investments in the business application field. The number of clients that business can reach on apps. Improvements brought by apps into the business processes. Uber-for-X-Header Uber for X: On-demand Services in 2016 Uber launched in 2009, and since has raised nearly $9 billion in funding. After 5 short years in business, the company had already grown six times its original size and penetrated international markets. It also introduced a new kind of business model — the on-demand model where workers are contractors. After seeing Uber’s rapid success, other companies wanted to create on-demand services for other industries. Now, there are apps for nearly everything from on-demand alcohol delivery to on-demand beauty services. These companies are taking the Uber business model and evolving it to fit their customer’s. To show you just how far-reaching “Uber for X” model is, GetVoIP created this visual on 49 on-demand services and how much they’ve been funded. About half of these companies have been funded in avazu Global Internet Industry Research – Russia Part 1 The Global Internet Industry Research – Russia Part 1 focuses on the state of the Russian mobile internet marketing industry. Key takeaways from the data include: There are 50 million people in Russia accessing the internet via mobile phones By 2020, Russia will have more than 186 million smartphone users In Russia’s mobile device operating system market Android leads with 64.52%, with iOS far behind on 24.44% pokemon-go-statistics-cover Pokémon Go Statistics Report This special report looks at the multiple facets of the Pokémon GO to date, examining the facts and figures behind the popular app. uber-statistics-report-cover Uber Statistics Report Not everyone is happy about Uber's rise to dominance. How did it become so successful and controversial? Download our special two-part report on the facts and figures to see what makes Uber tick. Brazil Pdf 3 Global Internet Industry Research – Brazil Part 7 The Global Internet Industry Research – Brazil Guide Part 7 focuses on Brazil being the world’ s 11th and Latin America’ s biggest game market. The white paper covers the following: How the e-commerce sector has expanded in Brazil Demographics of customers and their payment preferences in Latin America How B2C commerce sales are expected to reach $50 billion in 2016 untitled1 Open Mobile Summit: State of the Industry It’s hard to keep up with the new ways that brands are engaging with their consumers and how they’re accessing information – and even harder to predict what the future holds. But help is at hand. Our friends at Open Mobile Media have put together a survey of more than 700 mobile executives, both from consumer-facing brands and tech companies, to assess whether they are bullish or bearish about certain applications, platforms and technologies. By checking out the survey results, you will get: The latest low-down on what factors are impacting brands’ mobile strategy: What fills them with excitement and what’s stopping them from sleeping at night A focus on mobile marketing and advertising: Find out how mobile marketing fits into the whole organisation, the Brazil Pdf 3 Global Internet Industry Research – Brazil Part 6 The Global Internet Industry Research – Brazil Guide Part 6 focuses on Brazil being the world’ s 11th and Latin America’ s biggest game market. The white paper covers the following: The 2016 Latin America game market The demographic profile of gamers in Brazil Popular game genres in Brazil