Co-op experiments with Amazon Go-style, app-driven payment system

Andy Boxall

In App Business

March 7, 2018

Retail store Co-op is testing out a new smartphone-enabled payment system, which will allow customers to pay directly via an app, without visiting a checkout before leaving the store. Referred to as, “Shop, scan, and go,” it’s similar to the recently launched Amazon Go stores in the United States.

The Co-op is working with Mastercard on the technology, which according to the Guardian is in the final stages of internal tests — taking place at stores only available to employees — with a further trial in Microsoft’s UK headquarters, before a public release expected in the summer.

Automated payment systems are often seen as a threat to jobs, but the Co-op says it’s a complimentary service to regular checkouts and payment services, and will be introduced for convenience. Mastercard revealed the Co-op is using its Masterpass technology for the app and payments.