Amazon launches the S3 Transfer Utility for iOS

Andy Boxall

In App Development

August 27, 2015


Amazon has released the Amazon S3 Transfer Utility, a tool that makes it easier and crucially, faster to transfer data from an iOS app to Amazon’s S3 online file storage facility. Amazon says in a short announcement that it built the utility based on feedback from its S3 Transfer Manager users.

The Transfer Utility allows data to be transferred in the background, and binary data can be uploaded without the need to save it as a separate file first.

According to an explanatory post on how the utility works, there are some limitations. For example, the pre-signed URLs made for background transfers don’t last for more than 60 minutes, therefore Amazon has introduced a 50 minute transfer timeout. After this time, a transfer failure message will be sent. Developers needing to send more data than the time limit allows are advised to use the S3 Transfer Manager.

Amazon S3 Transfer Utility is in beta at the moment, and can be found inside the AWS Mobile SDK for iOS, which can be downloaded from Amazon here.