Adxmi Successful Global Mobile Ad Campaign Launches in 2016

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Posted: August 25, 2016

The 2016 Rio Olympic Games have just ended. And it is assumed to be the most mobile games, people could watch it on mobile devices. According to a survey GfK conducted earlier this year for Facebook, 64 percent of Olympics fans planned to watch the games on a mobile device, while 51 percent said they’d watch replays on mobile.
Also, advertisers and Olympic Games sponsors paid more attention to mobile advertising. Sport Chek, the leading sports equipment retailer in Canada, invested 60% of its advertising budget in mobile ads. While for the Sochi Winter Olympics, which was held two years ago, the percentage was less than 40%. Sport Chek is one of those who invests more and more in mobile terminal and more advertisers will also do so.
Recent years data shows that smartphones have been popular all over the world. According to eMarketer, 5 billion people around the world will own at least 1 mobile phone by 2017. With smart phones, the cost of mobile advertisement in the world has risen from $20.3 billion to $36.87 billion between 2014 and 2016, which grows by 81.6%.
However, smart phone penetration differs among countries and regions. Data demonstrates that in the countries like US and China, whose mobile Internet is developed, with a mobile phone penetration rate of 80.9% in 2016, video ads and customized ads are relatively popular, while Southeast Asia would be the new market for mobile advertising.
Mobile ads
Although geo locations, formats and targets of advertising are different, many kinds of a mobile product ads performed really well in mobile advertising. But generally mobile advertisement would be the best option for utilities and games app promotion.
Adxmi has a well establish record of success with launching ad campaigns for utility and game apps, meeting advertisers KPI and maxing their ROI, such as the promotions 360 Security utility app and Records of the Three Kingdoms game.
Utilities apps such as anti-viruses deliver a great value for people. Adxmi focuses its efforts on this kinds of apps, by advertising such apps through interstitial and non-incentive video format ad campaign globally. For instance, after two-week’s optimization period, the 360 Security utility app started gaining 170,000 users per day, which exceeded its development team goals.
A mobile utility app ad by Adxmi

When it comes to gaming apps promotion, the approach should be different from utility apps one, an emphasis on localization should be made. Adxmi launches campaigns for the game Records of the Three Kingdoms in SEA region because it’s similar to the culture and story of “The Three Kingdom” game and t’s popular in these countries. Also, “social” and “user experience” are important aspects for mobile games. To take advantage of this trend Adxmi launches an in-app promotion inside the LINE social app, to enhance the game’s interaction feature and consequently receive more installs. After one-week’s promotion, the number of the game installs increased 150,000, and its app store ranking was improved significantly, successfully accomplished the advertiser’s goal.
A mobile game ad by Adxmi

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