47% of app developers work alone, says new InMobi report

Andy Boxall

In news

February 15, 2016


InMobi has released its State of Mobile App Developers study for 2016, revealing the industry remains a solo career option, with 47% of developers working alone. Only 8% of app developers work in a company with more than 20 employees. It’s also stated that three quarters of developers have been working in the industry for less than three years.

InMobi has released its State of Mobile App Developers report for 2016


Google Android is the top development platform with 86% of developers working on it. Apple’s iOS is second, but with a considerably lower 57%, followed by Windows at 21%, RIM (BlackBerry) at 5%, and surprisingly 3% still working on Symbian apps. Java is the top language, with HTML5 and JavaScript in almost equal second position.

It’s no surprise to learn 67% of developers use ads to make money from apps. Banner ads are the preferred format with 45%, followed by interstitials at 36%. Native, video, and rewarded video ads are all similarly popular with 29%, 27%, and 24% respectively.

InMobi’s complete report can be downloaded here for more in-depth industry analysis on the above points.