Amazon makes Cloud Drive API available for third-party mobile app developers


Amazon is making its Web services even more popular for developers with its Cloud Drive API, a new feature which lets third-party developers use Cloud Drive in their own apps, freeing them up from the pressure of integrating an alternative online storage management system.

By choosing the Cloud Drive API, developers won’t have to worry about converting files over for different devices or alternative screen resolutions, dealing with metadata, or adding search, indexing or syncing functionality. It’s all part of Amazon’s Cloud Drive API as standard. There are no file type restrictions, it scales transparently and has been built on Amazon’s reliable AWS, plus there’s integration with cloud programming platform Temboo, and storage developer tool Filepicker.

At the moment, Cloud Drive app users enjoy access to 11 specially created apps, which show what can be achieved using the platform. For example, users can view, create and edit documents, print out photos, organise filing systems, and sync files created using other apps including Facebook, Flickr, and Evernote. For developers, a Changes API ensures alterations made outside apps are still synced across, and these requests are performed using a secure HTTPs connection.

To use the API, developers need a Login with Amazon for authorisation, and Amazon will need to approve apps wanting to use the Cloud Drive API, plus the app will need to be reviewed before API rate limits are finally increased. Documentation and instructions on how to get started can be found on Amazon’s developer website here.