Amazon has launched the AWS Mobile Hub to speed up app builds

Andy Boxall

In App Development

October 14, 2015

amazon web services

Amazon has introduced AWS Mobile Hub, a clever tool that makes it quicker to build mobile apps using Amazon’s Web Services than ever before. Developers can build, then test, release, and monitor apps using the Mobile Hub, regardless of whether they’re built for Android or for iOS.

Amazon’s new AWS Mobile Hub concentrates on features and the speed they can be added to apps

AWS Mobile Hub

The console is based on features, and makes it simple to add them into your app, including push notifications, content delivery, user authentication, data storage, and analytics. These features can be added in combinations, as can SDKs and content code. “What once took a day,” Amazon says in a blog post, “can now be done in 10 minutes or so.”

AWS Mobile Hub is a beta tool at the moment, and is free to use provided you already pay for the various AWS services it supports. To find out more, Amazon has a detailed guide on the features included in the AWS Mobile Hub, or you can sign-up to be part of the beta test here.