iOS games suffer 2.3% avg crash rate, says new Crittercism benchmark report


App performance management platform Crittercism has released a new report that analyses the state of iOS app performance, just a few hours ahead of the expected launch of Apple’s next iPhone.

Of course, the release of a new OS, such as iOS 8, usually results in a spike in app issues. So it will be interesting to check back with Crittercism in a few months. But for now the firm estimates that 30% of iOS apps have over a 2% crash rate, while 46% of app have over a 1% crash rate. Games are the biggest culprits with a crash rate of 2.3%, followed by photo and video apps at 1.8%. Business apps meanwhile are the most stable, with a crash rate of 1.4%.

Crittercism says app uptime (the percentage of usage that didn’t experience a crash) is being confounded by the myriad of cloud services apps rely on, estimating that the average iOS app now depends on more than six cloud services, such as Facebook for login, Amazon Web Services and Flurry for analytics. Around 52% of iOS apps use over five cloud services.

Crittercism’s crash rates per device


And the impact of any of these services experiencing problems can be dramatic. According to Crittericism, a company with $1bn in revenues would lose $2.5m per month at 97% uptime and $82,192 per month at 99.9% uptime.

Other findings include:

  • 46% of cloud services that iOS app use have over a half second latency
  • 17% of service calls from iOS app have error rates over 5%
  • Google Analytics is the service with the lowest error rate and lowest average latency.
  • France is the country with the fastest iOS WiFi responsiveness
  • Japan has the fastest iOS mobile network responsivenss

Of course, Crittercism’s main point with all this data is to push the idea that app businesses need an app performance management solution – such as its own – to ensure everything is running smoothly.

For more information download the full report.